Savor the day and enjoy the precious moments at OKONOMI.

Rooted in the foundation of Japanese home cooking, OKONOMI was created to celebrate the spirit of mindful eating: of slowing down and savoring each bite and moment to the fullest.

OKONOMI offers a tranquil space to recharge. Located in Sukhumvit 38, a quiet residential street in the city’s center, our all-day eatery and café serves simple, wholesome foods that bring to mind a sense of comfort. With our prime location and close proximity to BTS Thonglor, we hope to become a neighborhood fixture for the everyday — whether our customers choose to stop by for a quick coffee or are spending the afternoon with us.

Our Brand Ethos


Quality in all that we do. We strive to create quality experiences for our customers, paying careful attention to every detail — from our space down to the service. With our food, we meticulously source fresh ingredients and make the most out of what we use, culminating in dishes that not only taste good, but also embody the Japanese concept of Mottainai, or “no waste.”


Harmony in the balance. Our dishes are carefully crafted to be filling and healthy all at once by balancing flavors, nutrition and portions. Our space — light and easily accessible — is also an exercise in harmony. Each element is intentional and deliberate to create an environment where visitors can pass their time comfortably.


Our food, space, service and offerings were all conceived based on the notion that everything starts and ends with community. It is our firm belief that OKONOMI can grow to become a place where like-minded individuals can meet and form meaningful, lasting relationships, so that the next time you stop by our café, you might just find a familiar face or two.

Designed to be a second home.

Like our menu, our space is minimal and simple, yet thoughtful and carefully considered. As an all-day café, we wanted to make sure that we provide the ideal setting for all kinds of experiences — hence OKONOMI, which means “to one’s liking.” 

The courtyard is a pet-friendly area with outdoor seating and a counter that’s ideal for quick coffee breaks and light pastries. Meanwhile, a variety of seating options indoors help create an inviting atmosphere for customers: a chef’s counter that’s good for solo diners and intimate groups; small tables for friendly catch-ups; and table seating for those looking to enjoy a full meal or linger for the day.

A philosophy that extends beyond our menu.

We practice our craft by appreciating the smaller — yet finer — things and it translates across our food and methodology. We make our decisions — like ingredient compositions and plating — based on this appreciation, leaving no stone unturned when considering how to deliver an experience that best represents our philosophies and who we are.

Our signature menu is a nutritious breakfast set made up of smaller dishes that can be selected to fit one’s taste. Known as Ichiju Sansai (“one soup, three dishes”), this mix-and-match of different dishes is an homage to the finer details of the high-quality ingredients we use and how they can be enjoyed simply.

Aside from just what’s on the menu, this appreciation extends to our methodology as well. Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new ways to make the most of our ingredients: a fermentation room sits on the second floor, serving as a constant reminder that it’s important every now and then to take a step back and let time do its work.

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