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Okonomi (Thailand) Company Limited (“Company”) is a processor of www.okonomi.com (“Website”) providing the content of a restaurant and is a sales channel for branded products. This is a service for general users under terms and conditions which the users must comply with as follow:


Company realizes the importance of the personal data privacy of users, customer including your relating person. To ensure that your personal data is protected, Company has created personal data privacy notice, announcement including rule and regulation. Please find and read Company’s personal data privacy notice, announcement, rule and regulation including terms and conditions when you use website for purchasing product or contacting Company.

Product and service for personal use

Product, service and information in website for personal use only. Company reserves the right to cancel any purchase orders without prior notice, if there are suspicions of such purchase order which may be a business purpose or be used by you for business purpose. It is not deem to be a permission by Company for doing any actions if Company do not use its right of such purpose of this clause. If there are incurred damages of third party resulting from you used Company’s product or service for your business purpose, you must compensate actual damages to such third party including to any damages of company whether directly or indirectly. If you desire to purchase product or service for your business purpose, you must obtain Company’s consent and bound by Company’s terms and conditions in particularly.

Purchase or Service procedure

You can purchase the product and service as follows:

  1. Submitting your purchase order through Company channel together with required details i.e. product or service type, quantity, delivery address, contact person.
  2. Paying for the product or service as Company specified method or cash on delivery (if any)
  3. Receiving product or service together with receipt, tax receipt, delivery order or other services by messenger service.
  4. Cancelling your purchase order by submitting your letter within 7 days from the receiving date.  
  5. In the event that you exercise your right to cancel your purchase order and the required return product(s) were damage or lost as a result from you, Company reserves the right to reject of changing or returning such product.
  6. The authenticity of product and/or service

Company will inform you, product’s or service’s details as prescribed under the law, however, such details may be changes without prior notice.

Intellectual Property

Company owns Intellectual Property Right, throughout right protection period under the law, with respect to all of information and content in this website including but not limit to trademark, logo, service mark, text, graphic, logo, pushbutton, photo, sound or video clip, data and software collection, as well as data collection and management. In the event that any person and/or juristic person use without a permission, data and/or content and/or other part of website, constituted as Company infringement and then Company promptly take legal action against such infringed person. 

Your qualifications, rights and/or duties

  1. Must be of legal age.
  2. Providing all of your information details upon requested by Company.
  3. Strictly complying with Company’s terms and conditions.
  4. Accepting without any objects of Company’s statement and/or judgment.
  5. Taking responsibilities all damages, resulting from your action, of Company and/or parent company, associated company.
  6. Do not post any messages which are discourtesy, annoyance, intimidation, defamation, obscenity, contempt and/or anyone violation including to chain letter or other form called “spam”. Company reserves solely right to delete such message without prior notice. 
  7. Verifying your identity and do not impersonate to be third person or entity or incorrect verify.  
  8. Linking with third parties

Company shall not be liable for any page’s content which are out-site Company’s website or any website be linked to or from Company’s website. Linking shown in website for convenience only and is not information certified by Company and/or parent company including associated company. Linking to or from any pages out-site website are deems to be your risk that you must pay attention. Company shall not be responsible or liable for monitoring of other page and website’s actions, contents, products or services.

Special event

Company may, at any time, organized special events by informing details and conditions in prior to you and then you agree to comply with such details and conditions if you desire to be an applicant.

Terms and condition for membership registration

Procedure for Company’s membership registration are as follows:

  1. You deem to have agreed, from Company, Parent Company, Associated Company, to receive future notified news and promotions to your provided contact channel after registration.
  2. You must provide real, accurate and up-to-date information and do not use the name of third person. Company reserves the right to cease or terminate your account member without prior notice.
  3. You must keep in secret of your user and password account. In the event that any damages of your account are happened, you agree to compensate all of such damage.
  4. Limit liability

Company agrees to pay compensation for any incurred damages from any defected of delivered products or services, however, not over than the values of such product or service.


If any disputes arise, the parties will attempt, in good faith, admirable, to resolve such dispute by mutually agreed within the appropriated period. If the dispute cannot resolve, the parties agree to bring such dispute in binding to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thailand.


  1. In the event that you have ceased or terminated of usage, service, purchase, participation, membership or relationship with Company, all rights and/or other privileges that you will obtained, are void.
  2. This terms and conditions is supersede all previous offers, agreements relating to the subject matter of this terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions, rules, regulations or conditions which are prescribed exclusively, can be applied to the extent not contradict to this terms and conditions.
  3. Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise terms and conditions from time to time and will be effective immediately upon notifies on our website or to your provided contact channel. If you visit or use website after such notification, you are deemed to have agreed such revised terms and conditions.

Contact Channel

If you have enquires or need more further information, please address to

Okonomi Headquarter

No. 27 11th floor RS Group Building- Tower A

Prasert-Manukitch Road, Sena Nikhom, Chatuchak,

Bangkok, 10900

Tel 061 338 8000